Your Blog Is Your Space, Make it Unique!

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Blogs are highly popular among the young and old alike. Millions of people all around the world subscribe to and follow blogs and so for blog authors, it’s a channel to unleash their creativity and expression in every way possible. It does not cost anything to start a blog. There are numerous free blogging platforms available to host your blog – wordpress, blogger, blogspot are just a few examples of such blogging platforms. Essentially blogs entice people because you can really speak your mind, it’s your blog, and nobody can stop you from expressing. It’s also a writer, author or a budding author’s paradise.

There are other kinds of community spaces as well such as These are variations of a blog website, and are closer to sharing all that is visual.

For the not so net savvy blogger, a blog is just about signing in and beginning with a default template. Default templates are hardly eye-catching. You want your template to have character and breathe essentially ‘you’. After all, it’s your face to the millions out there and why not use options when there are plenty?

What if, apart from what you write, it was also aesthetically appealing to your reader? What if your blog page also evoked strong or delicate feelings with your choice of color, design, font or images? It only adds to the experience and sometimes may be nothing short of euphoric! The more it tantalizes the senses, the richer the experience!

Can your blog actually do all this? Well, that’s what can actually separate you from many others. Of course, you can! You need to exploit all the features of a blog site to get the most of it. First and the most important thing to do is change the blog theme.

Blog themes are available on all blogging platforms. You can choose among the various free and premium ones. The premium does not cost an arm and a leg, so don’t worry! But the free themes are also extremely pleasant. It all depends on the content of your blog. Is it for personal use and expression or is it to promote a business? The latter may require more formal themes, in which case you may have more choice in the premium category.

Once you choose your theme, you can customize it with your own images, color palettes/ schemes, fonts etc. The levels of customization also are different for the free and premium themes. But you can breathe a sigh of relief when you see the extent of customization that is allowed even for a free theme. In any case, purchasing a theme will not be heavy on your pocket as well.

Once you play around with all the cool features you’re all set to give yourself that unique representation that is totally ‘you’!

If you think your blog is a sacred space where you invite your reader, go ahead and try out all these options. It’s fun and very user friendly, so much so that you might want to indulge in it a great deal! You are to blame none but yourself if you get hooked to it! Yes, that can happen, but in a good way. The reward? Just make these changes and watch your audience react. Their feedback will delight you to no end!

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